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    Project name: EBSp 


    Last updated:  09/11/2002
    Created on:    07/11/2002
    Stage:            In progress 

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    Short description

      The purpose of the Experimental Boundary Scan project (EBSp) is to provide completely open and flexible software support for commercially available JTAG/IEEE 1149.1 boundary scan master (BSM) controllers. BSM controllers are used to provide JTAG test bus control capability in various hardware platforms. The EBSp aims to provide adequate software support, which will facilitate the integration of these devices into platforms running under the Linux operating system and x86 architecture. 
     Currently the EBSp provides a Linux device driver for the Texas Instruments SN74ACT8990 BSM. Higher level software tools such as a hardware independent Serial Vector Format (SVF) parser with plug-in modules and Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) are also available.

    Future plans

     The software implementation of BSM controller, which will drive test bus through the parallel port, and  SVF extensions for the IEEE 1149.4 standard are planed in future. 


    • EBS-act8990 manual done [October, 10 , 2002]
    • SVF plug-in module for the SN74ACT8990 controller done [September, 09, 2002]
    • SVF interpreter done [September, 05, 2002]
    • device driver version 0.7.0 done [May, 14, 2002]

    Change log

    • 09.11. 2002 final Web page established
    • 15.09. 2002 SVF parser, librarys and driver passed testing
    • 14.09. 2002 preliminary Web page established
    • 09.09. 2002 EBSp approved by the SourceForge

    Installation instructions:

    • first install EBS-act8990 device driver for the SN74ACT8990 BSM
    • then install generic EBS project library
    • install EBS-svf parser
    • install EBS-libact8990 SVF plug-in module for SN74ACT8990


    Date Description Link
    15.09. 2002 SVF parser EBS-svfi-0.1.tar.gz                         
    15.09. 2002 SVF plug-in module for SN74ACT8990 EBS-libact8990-0.1.tar.gz                         
    15.09. 2002 device driver for SN74ACT8990 EBS-act8990-0.7.tar.gz                          
    15.09. 2002
    EBS generic library EBS-libebs.0.1.tar.gz
    10.10. 2002
    act8990 device driver manual

    Feel free to send us comments, suggestions and bug reports.               


    • Robert Sedevcic
    • Uros Kac

    Administrative contact: 
                                                   Copyright ©1998-2002, Computer Systems Department , Jozef Stefan Institute, All rights reserved.